Laboratory-Vacuum-System LVS 105 T-10 ef

The perfect partner for your rotary evaporator

Use this speed controlled vacuum system for your distillation and evaporation processes for solvents. It consists of a dry-running, chemically
resistant diaphragm pump, the controller VC 521 as well as the suctionside trap and the pressure-side intensive cooler with safety valve.

This system with Ecoflex-speed control for the constant regulation of the rotation speed can be used in physical and chemical laboratories or industry, especially for pumping and compressing of neutral and aggressive gases and vapours.

With an ultimate vacuum of 2 mbar and a pumping speed of 20 l/min, the LVS 105 T-10 ef is the ideal solution for the evaporation of solvents
for both high and low boiling points.



  • Wetted parts made from chemical resistant materials
  • Easy selection of solvents and boiling points
  • Easy selection of solvents and boiling points


  • Very low noise operation
  • Compact and user-friendly design
  • Low maintenance
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Laboratory-Vacuum-System LVS 105 T-10 ef, 90 - 260 V, 50/60 Hz, Hz inclusive free of charge operating software „WELCH-Control 521“on CD with Dual-Data-cable for the connection of the controller to the PC 114184